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 It is our pleasure to introduce you to Westside Stories, the Wai`anae Coast's only direct mailed community-based newspaper. Our newspaper is mailed free to all the homes on our coast (Kahe Point to Ka`ena Point) which includes Nänäkuli, Mä`ili, Wai`anae and Mäkaha (over 15,500 residences). We also do limited drops at: most local "westside" schools and businesses; Wai`anae Public Library; Wai`anae Satellite City Hall; Starbucks at Wai`anae Mall; State Capitol; etc. but our main target is our residents - our coast's main consumers.


We provide a quality, monthly community newspaper, specifically tailored to the unique needs of the Wai`anae Coast. We not only include community interest stories, but also "Legislatively Speaking"- a monthly column during legislative session which features all three of our local state legislators, "Westside When" - a nostalgic look at the "good old days" on our Westside (when space permits), "Nïele" (a "nosy" question or service needed) and "What's Up On the Westside" - our local community calendar. We also have a Facebook page in which we update daily for the latest information happening in our community.

Be sure to visit www.facebook.com/pages/WestsideStories and "like" us to keep up with more current events/traffic situations, etc.

We are a community-based newspaper, funded by advertising, and our ability to continue to provide this free paper, mailed direct to the home, comes from our advertisers. Without them, we wouldn't be able to continue to produce a quality publication. We also publish the complete newspaper monthly on our website at www.wsshawaii.com at no additional charge.


For those of you working to grow your business - why not gives us a try? Place an advertisement in our newspaper and we know you will be pleasantly surprised.  People do read our newspaper!

Compare our rates to island-wide direct mailed newspapers. You will find us extremely competitive and by direct mailing zip code 96792, we target your main consumers - "Westside" residents only - not other parts of the island.


Please call our office at 696-7978 or e-mail us at wss@hawaii.rr.com. We will be happy to assist you with your questions or work with you to develop an effective advertisement.


We look forward to doing business with you!

Mahalo for your consideration!

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